Why use a Sit-Stand Desk?

Benefits of using a standing/height adjustable desk.

A healthier way...

Height Adjustable Desks / Sit Stand Desks are designed to switch your workspace between a sitting & a standing position. *That's in the name, duh.*
Yes, that is obvious, but what is not obvious is the benefit that we can reap from it.

The fixed height desks available in the market will come with a standard height of 75cm (29.5 inches) for a sitting desk & 110cm (43.5inch) for a standing desk (give or take a few cm). Now this is great, if you are an average Indian male of 5'8" height. If not, I have news for you, you are not working in a correct posture.

Working while sitting for prolonged periods has been linked to several health issues such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, back pain, muscle pain, and generally deteriorated health.

Stand Up for a better work life.

Check out some amazing benefits you can get just by standing up every hour :

  1. Boost your energy
    Using a standing desk will get you moving every hour, which will improve circulation & deliver oxygen to your brain, which will boost your energy. (1)
  2. Reduce Shoulder & Back Pain
    One thing we all desk workers have in common is shoulder & back pain. Uncomfortable desks make us slouch in front of our computers all day. Adjusting the height of your desk to match with your physique will help you maintain your posture while working & reduce shoulder & back pains. (2)
  3. Improve overall health
    Studies have shown that by standing & working for a few minutes, every hour you can increase your health expectancy & reduce chances of severe health issues such as Obesity, Heart disease & higher blood sugar levels. (3)
  4. Improve your productivity
    Standing at your desk has been observed to increase productivity by up to 45%. (4)

What is Ergonomics?
Better understanding can lead to better living.