Produktiv™ Desk

An elaborate range of sit-stand desks designed to improve your health & comfort.

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Tilt Shift Controller | Control your desk in style

Sedentary Reminders

Do not stress of checking when to stand & sit. Let the desk remind you with the LED strip. Moreover you can also customize the intervals.

OLED Display

The desk speaks in many forms. From the display of the height to the display of error in words, you will know what's going on inside the mechanical brain.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Control your desk with your smartphone or PC & record your stats & goals. The app is available on Android, IOS & Windows Store.

Ergonomic Design

The sleek look runs deep. The ergonomic design & the tilt shift feature makes it a breeze to use the controller.

Smooth Motion

The smooth start, stop & movement of the motors ensure that all of your valuables are undisturbed during and after the movement.

Low Noise Motors

Our state-of-the-art mechanism is equipped and assembled to minimise the noise decibel level of the motors.

Designed for Stability

Our innovative frame design ensures better stability at the highest heights, so that you can work with ease.

Innovative C-Frame Design

The legs of the frame are offset in the backward direction to improve the leg space & working comfort.

Multi-Sensor Anti-Collision System

Our state-of-the-art, Anti-Collision system consists of a sensor in each leg of the desk, and also a separate centralised sensor, located in the middle of the desk.
The systems works in harmony to detect all types of soft and hard collisions and reacts in a manner that the damage is avoided.

2 Years Warranty

All your electronic & mechanicals parts are covered under this warranty.

Multi Motor Control

With separate motors in each leg to lift the desk, Produktiv™ Desks provide a greater load capacity.

Free Wire Management Kit

Free wire management kit includes all the essential items you need to manage you cables neatly.

Standard Mounting Points

Standard threaded mounting points provided to mount various accessories that we are yet to launch.

The Range

Produktiv Desks come in three different models, among these models, the only significant changes are size & shape, the mechanisms & controller is same for all.


Two Leg Rectangular desk with table depth of 60cm.

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Two Leg Rectangular desk with table depth of 75cm.

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Three Leg, L-Shaped desk, suitable for corner placement.

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