What is Ergonomics?

Better understanding can lead to better living.


Ergonomics is the study of people in their working environment. This study is to design the work that fits people & not the other way around.
It is meant to increase efficiency & productivity by desigining the workspace to suit the worker. This in turn, reduces the discomfort & injury.

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Let us consider an example of your workdesk. The variables that would affect you would be the height of the desk and the location of the monitor, keyboard & mouse. An ergonomic setup of your desk would not only optimise your posture but also keep you active among these proper postures. Good postures & movement will keep your back, shoulder, wrist, neck & other muscles less fatigued at the end of the day.

Movement plays a very important role in desiging an ergonomic workspace. Staying still in a sitting position provides little movement. So does standing in front of your desk all day. Switching between sitting & standing positions in a height adjustable desk is the most practical way of increasing your movement while not losing your productivity. The benefits of using a standing desk are well documented.
Produktiv Spaces is focused on creating innovative products that enables good movement & posture. Produktiv Spaces is committed to promote healthy workspace that will increase productivity & improve work life.

Why use a Sit-Stand Desk?
Benefits of using a standing/height adjustable desk.